Carl and Kristina are committed to the positive transformation of people. Through our Discover Your Life Purpose retreats, seminars and material, you will be connected to a rewarding life journey that will see you become the absolute best version of yourself.

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Life purpose is one of our key focuses. With a purpose, people are transformed into inspiring human beings who can accomplish greatness. We are dedicated to unlocking your life purpose and empowering you with the tools and support to accomplish all that you were destined to achieve.

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Our Passionate Life Force coaching and materials are designed to equip you with power, energy and happiness. Have you ever wondered what it is that drives some people to continue to achieve great success while others are still trying to get out of bed? We can unleash your passionate life force with practical tools that include coaching, seminars and retreats along with practical resources that will lift your life into a whole new realm of power and satisfaction.

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Carl and Kristina have committed may years to their own personal growth.  Through their coaching programs, workshops and retreats they are able to share the daily practices and secrets they have learned that will help you positively transform your life.

Start the journey today to fulfil your purpose and and live with passionate life force.


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